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Our Products

Softech’s products let enterprises deliver content more efficiently and less expensively. Our products will help operations, administration and users lower costs by automating document distribution.

IBM Software

Softech is an IBM Premier Partner and has been deploying IBM solutions for more than 20 years. We offer the entire IBM ECM software portfolio.

Offline Content Access

Offline Content Access allows document and content from both IBM FileNet Image Services and IBM FileNet Content Manager to be retrieved and stored on various media types for easy distribution.

Kofax Software

Softech is a Kofax Business Partner and Solution Provider. We can help your organization in the process of acquiring and implementing Kofax solutions.


DataTran provides high-speed high-volume bulk export and import of data from and to IBM FileNet Image Services, IBM FileNet Content Manager, and ECM Documentum.


Softech’s DocReorganizer integrates with IBM Filenet Workplace to allow committed documents within Filenet to be reorganized, reassembled, recategorized, reindexed, and recommitted.


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