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Acronym Mania


What does that acronym stand for?

In our world of ECM (that's Enterprise Content Management), so many phrases turn into acronyms that turn into readily acceptable words in our vocabulary. From the days of microfilm and electronic imaging, to today's high-tech, high-speed digital and Web world, we've compiled this ever-growing list.

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AIIM - Association for Information and Image Management

API - application program interface

ARM - archives and records management

ASCII -American standard code for information interchange

ASP - application service provider


B2B - business-to-business

B2C - business-to-consumer

B2E - business-to-employee

BASIC - beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code

BLOB - binary large objects

BMP - bitmap graphical image format

BPA - business process automation

BPI - business process integration

BPM - business process management

BPML - business process modeling language

BPO - business process outsourcing

BPR - business process re-engineering or business process redesign

BSP - business service providers


CAD - computer-aided design

CADD - computer-aided drafting and design

CAGR - compound annual growth rate

CDIA - Certified Document Imaging Architect

CD-R - compact disc - recordable

CD-ROM - compact disc - read only memory

CD-RW - compact disc - re-writable 

CDSP - content distribution service provider

CM - content management

COLD - computer output to laser disk

COLD/ERM - computer output to laser disk/enterprise report management

COM - computer output microfilm

CPDM - collaborative product definition management

CRM - customer relationship management


DAM - digital asset management 

DBMS - database management system

DM - document management

DOS - disk operating system

DRM - digital rights management

DTD - document type definitions or document type declaration

DVD - digital versatile disk


EAI - enterprise application integration

EBPP - electronic bill presentment and payment

ECM - enterprise content management

EDI - electronic data interchange

EDI - enterprise data integration

EDMS - electronic document management system

EIM - electronic image management

ERM - electronic records management

ERM - enterprise report management

ERMS - electronic records management system

ERP - enterprise resource planning


FDD - floppy disk drive

FDDI - fiber distributed data interface

FTP - file transfer protocol


GIF - graphical interchange format

GPS - global positioning system

GUI - graphical user interface


HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HSM - hierarchical storage management 

HTML - hypertext markup language

HTTP - hypertext transfer protocol


ICR - intelligent character recognition

IDARS - integrated document archive and retrieval systems

IDS - intelligent document scanning

ISP - Internet service provider

IT - information technology


J2EE - Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

JFIF - JPG file interchange format

JPEG - joint photographic experts group


KB - Kilobyte

Kbps - Kilobyte per second

KM - knowledge management


LAN - local area network

LDAP - limited directory access protocol

LIT - Laureate of Information Technologies


MES - manufacturing execution system

MICR - magnetic ink character recognition

MIT - Master of Information Technologies

MSP - management service provider


NAS - network attached storage

NFS - network file system

NITF - national imagery transmission format

NOC - Network operations center


OCR - optical character recognition

ODMA - Open Document Management API

OLAP - online analytical processing

OMR - optical mark recognition


P2P - peer-to-peer

PDA - personal digital assistant

PDF - portable document format

PDF/a - PDF/archive

PKI - public key infrastructure


QA - quality assurance

QC - quality control

QWERTY - standard keyboard


R & D - research and development

RAID - redundant array of independent drives

RAM - random access memory

RDBMS - relational database management system

RDF - resource description framework

RFI - request for information

RFP - request for proposal

RM - records management

ROI - return on investment

ROM - read-only memory


SAN - storage area network

SCSI - small computer system interface

SGV - scalable vector graphics

SLA - service level agreement

SOAP - simple object access protocol

SQL - structured query language

SRM - storage resource management


TCO - total cost of ownership

TIFF - tag image file format


UDDI - universal discovery, description, and integration

UI - user interface

URI - uniform resource identifiers

URL - uniform resource locator


VAD - value added dealer

VAR - value added reseller


WAN - wide area network

WAP - wireless application protocol

WCM - web content management

WebDAV - Web document authoring and versioning

WML - wireless markup language

WORM - write once, read many

WSDL - Web service definition language or Web service description language


XFDL - extensible forms description language

XML - extensible markup language

XPDL - XML processing description language or

XML process definition language

XQL - XML query language

XSLT - extensible style language transformations



AIIM          - Association for Information and Image Management

ANSI         - American National Standards Institute

ARMA       - Association for Information Management Professionals (formerly Association of Records                              Managers and Administrators)

BPMI        - Business Process Management Initiative

DMA         - Document Management Alliance

DMIA        - Document Management Industries Association 

EmTAG    - Emerging Technology Advisory Group

FbIA         - Film-based Imaging Association

IEEE         - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

ISO           - International Organization for Standardization

NIST         - National Institute of Standards and Technology

NPES       - The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing, and Converting Technologies

OASIS      - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

OMG        - Object Management Group

PCMCIA   - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PRISM     - Public Retirement Information Systems Management

SNIA        - Storage Network Industry Association

TAWPI     - The Association for Work Process Improvement

W3C        - World Wide Web Consortium

WfMC      - Workflow Management Coalition

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