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Softech offers turnkey cross-systems conversion and migration solutions for ECM systems. With over 19 years of conversion and migration experience, and more than 170 successful projects, Softech has the methodology and hands-on experience to complete system migrations and conversions of any type, any size.

Each vendor’s ECM system is uniquely designed and somewhat proprietary. Softech has experience with both the “Source” and “Destination” systems that are critical to the success of conversion and migration projects. Softech's conversion services allow customers to migrate from any source to any destination system. This includes migrating both media (optical, tape, etc.) and database information to a new environment. For customers migrating to Filenet, we offer system implementation services as well.


Key Service Features:

  • Current (source) and destination system load impact analysis and recommendations

  • Pre-migration system and database analysis

  • Data extraction & conversion (image format, image enhancements, metadata mapping)

  • Source history data migration plan

  • Conversion test (test plan, QA and verification)

  • Delta conversion (to address data that has changed since the conversion started)

  • Pre- and post-conversion reports and audit trails (comparison of reports, primary & backup creation)

  • Exception handling

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