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Staff Augmentation

Softech Consulting Services can help by providing highly qualified consultants that possess the certifications and experience to augment your internal resources’ abilities to handle special ECM projects.

Companies often experience periods where there is more work than can be handled by internal staff and additional resources are necessary to perform the work required. Softech can assist in providing experienced Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Developers, Test engineers, and System Administrators to help you achieve your business goals. Our staff consultants have extensive experience in IBM P8, Case Manager, DataCap, Kofax Capture, Kofax Front Office, Kofax Capture Analytic, KTM, and Total Agility.  We can provide consultants who can be members of your team or we can provide the entire team. Our staff can work onsite, offsite, or a combination of onsite and offsite.

We have been providing staff augmentation for our clients for over 10 years. Our staff augmentation engagements typically last a few weeks to a few months but some projects last for several years. These types of projects include system installation & configuration, system performance tuning, data migration, system administration, solution design, application development, system integration, test, and deployment support. Several of our staff have government security clearance.

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