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Installation & Upgrade


Softech can assist companies that are needing to install new systems or upgrade their systems due to products reaching their end-of-life service date or when migrating to a new operating system for their ECM solution.

What We Do

IBM FileNet P8 Installation/Upgrade

Installation and Configuration expertise is very costly to acquire and maintain and the infrequency of usage makes it inefficient to have in-house resources.
Softech’s FileNet certified consultants have performed many successful upgrades. Softech’s methodology, tools and extensive experience will help you have a successful upgrade with no production downtime.


FileNet Report Manager Migration

IBM FileNet COLD 2.0 and FileNet Report Manager 4.x to IBM Content Manager OnDemand

Softech’s RM2CMOD provides tools and processes for customers to migrate backfile data from IBM FileNet COLD 2.0 and FileNet Report Manager to Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) and provides clean migration paths and tools for existing IBM FileNet customers to migrate data to the new IBM ECM products.

Customers have the option to perform the migration in house or partner with Softech and take advantage of Softech’s high performance migration tools and experience.

Image Services Upgrade

Softech can assist companies upgrade their IBM FileNet Image Services 3.x and 4.0.x system that have reached IBM’s end of service date to the current supported release of FileNet Images Services.


Kofax Upgrade

We are certified to help you upgrade your outdated Kofax solution to the latest version

IBM WebSphere V9.0 Upgrade

Extend the reach of your application infrastructure to the cloud with IBM® WebSphere® Application Server V9. You can deploy WebSphere Application Server V9 on an on-premises cloud, on a remote cloud, or on a hybrid cloud that consists of on-premises deployments and remote cloud deployments. V9 also eases access and connection to cloud services, such as IBM Watson™ and Cloudant®, and the use of APIs by including API Connect.

New Features in WebSphere Application Server V9 fit into the following categories:

Create new cloud applications

  • Full Java EE 7 certification

  • Liberty app accelerator

  • Game On!

  • Application portability with Docker containers

  • Management of Java applications and Node.js with the Liberty

Collective Controller

  • Optimize costs for application infrastructure

  • Intelligent Management in WebSphere Application Server ND for workload optimization and placement

  • VMware Portability

  • WebSphere Application Server on Bluemix, single-tenant offering

  • Deployment flexibility on additional cloud environments

Ease of use enhancements for caching

  • Connect existing applications and data

  • Connect to cloud services

  • Essentials edition of API Connect

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