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What does that acronym stand for?

In our world of ECM

( Enterprise Content Management),

many phrases turn into acronyms that turn into readily acceptable words in our vocabulary.


From the days of microfilm and electronic imaging, to today's high-tech, high-speed digital and Web world, we've compiled this

ever-growing list.

Think we've overlooked some crucial term? Email your contribution to us at


AIIM - Association for Information and Image Management

API - application program interface

ARM - archives and records management

ASCII -American standard code for information interchange

ASP - application service provider

B2B - business-to-business

B2C - business-to-consumer

B2E - business-to-employee

BASIC - beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code

BLOB - binary large objects

BMP - bitmap graphical image format

BPA - business process automation

BPI - business process integration

BPM - business process management

BPML - business process modeling language

BPO - business process outsourcing

BPR - business process re-engineering or business process redesign

BSP - business service providers


CAD - computer-aided design

CADD - computer-aided drafting and design

CAGR - compound annual growth rate

CDIA - Certified Document Imaging Architect

CD-R - compact disc - recordable

CD-ROM - compact disc - read only memory

CD-RW - compact disc - re-writable 

CDSP - content distribution service provider

CM - content management

COLD - computer output to laser disk

COLD/ERM - computer output to laser disk/enterprise report management

COM - computer output microfilm

CPDM - collaborative product definition management

CRM - customer relationship management


DAM - digital asset management 

DBMS - database management system

DM - document management

DOS - disk operating system

DRM - digital rights management

DTD - document type definitions or document type declaration

DVD - digital versatile disk

EAI - enterprise application integration

EBPP - electronic bill presentment and payment

ECM - enterprise content management

EDI - electronic data interchange

EDI - enterprise data integration

EDMS - electronic document management system

EIM - electronic image management

ERM - electronic records management

ERM - enterprise report management

ERMS - electronic records management system

ERP - enterprise resource planning

FDD - floppy disk drive

FDDI - fiber distributed data interface

FTP - file transfer protocol


GIF - graphical interchange format

GPS - global positioning system

GUI - graphical user interface


HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HSM - hierarchical storage management 

HTML - hypertext markup language

HTTP - hypertext transfer protocol


ICR - intelligent character recognition

IDARS - integrated document archive and retrieval systems

IDS - intelligent document scanning

ISP - Internet service provider

IT - information technology

J2EE - Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

JFIF - JPG file interchange format

JPEG - joint photographic experts group

KB - Kilobyte

Kbps - Kilobyte per second

KM - knowledge management


LAN - local area network

LDAP - limited directory access protocol

LIT - Laureate of Information Technologies


MES - manufacturing execution system

MICR - magnetic ink character recognition

MIT - Master of Information Technologies

MSP - management service provider


NAS - network attached storage

NFS - network file system

NITF - national imagery transmission format

NOC - Network operations center


OCR - optical character recognition

ODMA - Open Document Management API

OLAP - online analytical processing

OMR - optical mark recognition


P2P - peer-to-peer

PDA - personal digital assistant

PDF - portable document format

PDF/a - PDF/archive

PKI - public key infrastructure


QA - quality assurance

QC - quality control

QWERTY - standard keyboard

R & D - research and development

RAID - redundant array of independent drives

RAM - random access memory

RDBMS - relational database management system

RDF - resource description framework

RFI - request for information

RFP - request for proposal

RM - records management

ROI - return on investment

ROM - read-only memory


SAN - storage area network

SCSI - small computer system interface

SGV - scalable vector graphics

SLA - service level agreement

SOAP - simple object access protocol

SQL - structured query language

SRM - storage resource management


TCO - total cost of ownership

TIFF - tag image file format


UDDI - universal discovery, description, and integration

UI - user interface

URI - uniform resource identifiers

URL - uniform resource locator


VAD - value added dealer

VAR - value added reseller


WAN - wide area network

WAP - wireless application protocol

WCM - web content management

WebDAV - Web document authoring and versioning

WML - wireless markup language

WORM - write once, read many

WSDL - Web service definition language or Web service description language


XFDL - extensible forms description language

XML - extensible markup language

XPDL - XML processing description language or

XML process definition language

XQL - XML query language

XSLT - extensible style language transformations

Social network concept

AIIM          - Association for Information and Image Management

ANSI         - American National Standards Institute

ARMA       - Association for Information Management Professionals (formerly Association of Records Managers and Administrators)

BPMI        - Business Process Management Initiative

DMA         - Document Management Alliance

DMIA        - Document Management Industries Association 

EmTAG    - Emerging Technology Advisory Group

FbIA         - Film-based Imaging Association

IEEE         - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

ISO           - International Organization for Standardization

NIST         - National Institute of Standards and Technology

NPES       - The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing, and Converting Technologies

OASIS      - Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

OMG        - Object Management Group

PCMCIA   - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PRISM     - Public Retirement Information Systems Management

SNIA        - Storage Network Industry Association

TAWPI     - The Association for Work Process Improvement

W3C        - World Wide Web Consortium

WfMC      - Workflow Management Coalition

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