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Key capabilities:

  • High speed import

  • Automatic restart/ resume from the point of interruption in the event of a system crash

  • Redo capability for failed records

  • Daily log reports provide summary and detailed batch processing information

  • Optional Analytics during export for deeper insight into your data

  • Runs interactively or in unattended batch mode

  • Completes all batches before exit when a shutdown command is issued

canstockphoto62439999 data transfer key

Softech's DataTran


  • Provides fast, high-volume export of documents from your Filenet system

    • Softech's DataTran tools exports Filenet media to other systems including: OSAR, MSAR, CSAR and magnetic WORM device

    • Allows you to manipulate data (documents or metadata) in a way that Filenet Doccopy does not allow

    • Export documents from Filenet to replicate them in another business application or vendor's ECM

    • Exports up to 100,000 images per hour for IMage Serivces; 25,000 documents per hour with Content Manager quickly and easily

DataTran High Performance Document Export / Import

Softech's DataTran


  • Imports high-volumne content into Filenet IS and P* systems quickly and easily

    • Ideal for service bureaus, companies with non-Filenet connected scanners, high scanning volumes and those wishing to merge data from various imaging systems into Filenet

    • Import large amounts of data - on either a one-time  or regular basis

    • Perfect for consolidating documents into a Filenet ECM system

    • Ability to import host or mainframe downloads into your ECM system

    • iTransfer old data to new data format

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