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Softech Engage(tm) Contract Manager Solution

The Problem

Your contract approvals take longer than expected because someone must track down supporting documents that are missing.


You use one set of tools during pre-contract negotiation, but then you must manually transfer contract documentation to a separate tool for post-approval tracking or to send it to your customer.


Each time you add non-standard language to a contract, Legal takes forever to approve it and refuses to amend the master contract.


One of your vendors submitted last-minute contract changes, causing you to waste a big portion of your day finding and comparing past versions to review the changes.


You can’t find a cancelled contract and now Upper Management wants a copy.

The Solution

Softech’s Contract Manager running on IBM Filenet P8 Content Manager and BPM (Business Process Manager) gives you the tools you need for efficient, flexible handling of your contracts. Pre-configured workflows manage the entire contract lifecycle, from creation and negotiation through to approval and then payment settlement and claims. Softech Contract Manager allows contracts to be submitted electronically for review and approval, and work requests are automatically routed among the Legal division, corporate business sponsor, and Management. Additional functions allow tracking of contract milestones, and assignment of tasks to ensure the completion of milestones. When contracts are closed or terminated, record retention schedules are activated for all associated documents.

Standard Contract, Lease, and Agreement forms, Risk Assessments, Cover Memos, as well as non-standard contract forms can all be created and managed from within the application. Supporting documents are filed along with the contract in the FileNet or BlueMix repository, giving users quick, easy, and secure access to any contract and related documents. Users also have easy access to their work items through private Inboxes as well as shared work queues.

Softech's Contract Engage  - Easy to create new contracts and the ability to handle the most complex of workflows -

Key capabilities:

  • Offered as an On-Premises solution or Hosted on BlueMix Cloud as well as other Cloud platforms

  • Allows management of the entire contract lifecycle.

  • Pre-configured and customizable workflows.

  • Submit, review, and approve all from within the same app.

  • Set up payments and submit them for approval and processing.

  • Automatic routing of requests.

  • Supporting documents and audit history captured on all requests.

  • Milestone tracking and related task assignment.

  • Close or terminate a contract; retention schedules are activated for all associated documents.

  • Secure local and web access.

For more information on Contract Manager, contact your Softech sales rep

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