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Remote Admin & Monitoring


We are certified IBM ECM and Kofax Support Providers , delivering timely, reliable and cost-efficient technical assistance to our clients. We continuously train and acquire certification in new products and enhancements. Softech support contracts are available both annually and on an as-needed basis through a pre-paid block hours. We follow the standard IBM FileNet and Kofax support agreement and provide support for both IBM ECM and Kofax base products as well as custom application.

Our staff has decades of industry experience and have exceptional skills in supporting IBM FileNet P8 environments. Our extensive experience includes remote services for IBM P8, Case Manager, DataCap, Image Services, Kofax Capture, Kofax Front Office, Kofax Capture Analytic, KTM, and Total Agility.  We provide consultants who can be members of your team. Since 1997, SOFTECH has supported IBM FileNet environments around the globe, delivering superior managed services and as an IBM Authorized Support Provider, we can provide direct IBM annual maintenance.

What We Do

Remote Administration Support

Softech provides system administration support for clients who do not have an in-house IBM or Kofax system administrator. The support can be short or long term, and be delivered both remotely or onsite.

Standard Support

The cornerstone of Softech’s customer support program is our Standard Support agreement that provides free maintenance releases and expert troubleshooting.  We provide the answers you need to ensure smooth installation, configuration and efficient operation of your systems. Our expert technical support is available via phone during regular business hours (9 AM – 5PM Pacific Time zone). We offer first and second level support to our clients and when needed, can escalate to IBM or Kofax customer support for third-level support.

Extended-hours Support

Extended support is available as an extension to the Standard Support agreement. We provide both after-hour and weekends support.

Special Support

A number of IBM FileNet clients are running on older versions of FileNet product that are no longer supported by IBM. For those clients in the process of upgrading their old FileNet systems to P8 or migrating to another platform we offer support during the transition. Softech specializes in providing technical support to aid the clients with a smooth transition.


Application Support

Softech also specializes providing support for custom applications that were developed by clients or third party vendors. We also provide development support for our clients developers.


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