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The EXPORT Problem

  • You want to migrate your documents from one Filenet system to another.

  • You are a loan brokerage firm that needs to transfer sold portfolios to your buyer.

  • You want to migrate data from one Filenet media to another (OSAR, MSAR, CSAR, magnetic WORM device, …) and you need to manipulate the data (documents or metadata) in a way that Filenet doccopy does not allow.

  • You want to export documents from Filenet to replicate them in another business application or vendor’s ECM.

The IMPORT Problem

  • Your service bureau scans paper documents and gives you images and metadata.

  • Your company purchased another company, and you must consolidate documents from their system into your Filenet ECM system.

  • You purchased a large number of loans or accounts and need to import the data quickly.

  • You have host or mainframe downloads that you must format and import into your ECM system.

  • You are upgrading your system and need to transfer your data from the old to new format.

What you need is a tool that allows you to move documents quickly and accurately.

The EXPORT Solution

Softech’s DataTran Export tool provides fast, high-volume export of documents from your Filenet system. You configure the initial export parameters, and DataTran Export pulls content and data from your system, unattended. Exporting up to 100,000 images per hour for Image Services; 25,000 documents per hour with Content Manager, DataTran completes your jobs quickly and easily.

The IMPORT Solution

Softech’s DataTran Import tool imports high-volume content into Filenet IS and P8 systems quickly and easily. It’s easily configurable to manage your specific import requirements. If you need to import large amounts of data – on either a one-time or regular basis – DataTran is the solution. It is ideal for service bureaus, companies with non-Filenet-connected scanners, high scanning volumes and those wishing to merge data from various imaging systems into Filenet.

Key capabilities:

  • High speed import: up to 100,000 images per hour for Filenet IS, 25,000 documents per hour with Filenet P8 Content Manager

  • Easy to learn and simple to use

  • Export a list of documents or property values with up to 4 boolean conditions

  • Optionally include images only, metadata only, or both

  • Optional pre-fetch

  • Automatic restart/resume from the point of interruption in the event of a system crash

  • Redo capability for failed records

  • Daily log reports provide summary and detailed batch processing information

  • Optional Analytics during export for deeper insight into your data

  • Runs interactively or in unattended batch mode

  • Completes all batches before exit when a shutdown command is issued


For more information on DataTran Export, contact your Softech sales rep.

DataTran High Performance Document Export / Import

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