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Reorganize and Categorize IBM FileNet Content

The EXPORT Problem

Scanning is a labor intensive operation that requires attention to detail. Mistakes may occur during document preparation and capture. Consequently, resulting documents that were committed to IBM Filenet Content Manager may not have the correct or intended content. Examples include multiple documents combined into one, documents split into multiple documents, documents containing pages belonging to other documents, documents containing corrupted or duplicate pages, or pages in the wrong order. These documents must be queried, corrected, re-indexed, and recommitted.

The EXPORT Solution

Softech’s DocReorganizer integrates with IBM Filenet Workplace to allow committed documents within Filenet to be reorganized, reassembled, recategorized, reindexed, and recommitted. This provides for easy correction of documents that may have been saved incorrectly or had incomplete metadata. This is an ideal tool for organization whose content must be reviewed and organized by knowledge workers such as lawyers during legal discovery.

Key capabilities:

  • Thumbnail interface allows pages to be moved, deleted, inserted, and replaced within a document or across documents.

  • Configurable number of thumbnails displayed.

  • Documents can be combined, split, deleted, or re-indexed.

  • Indexing information can be retained, copied, or edited.

  • Drag & drop, hot-key, or mouse access to all operations.

  • Documents can be bookmarked for eDiscovery.

For more information on DocReorganizer, contact your Softech sales rep

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