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The Problem

You are required to submit volumes of documents to regulatory agencies for compliance. You need a means for auditors to view documents without tying up your internal resources. Your attorneys need to review documents in order to respond to a lawsuit. You wish to offer constituents the ability to receive documents on DVD rather than paper. Document sets span disks. You must ensure data security in case the disks are lost or stolen. AND, retrieval must be fast and easy for authorized recipients.

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The Solution

Offline Content Access (OCA) is the ideal solution for any organization with internal or external stakeholders who need content access without being connected to an ECM system. OCA retrieves the documents—either selected manually or using a configurable rules table — from IBM Filenet or other ECM systems, then writes to CD or DVD, either for storage, backup, or transfer to another recipient. In addition to the actual content, document properties are stored in a portable on-disk database, along with a search tool and generic content viewer. This allows recipients to search and view documents and data without being connected to an ECM system.

Offline Content Access
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