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IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud

IBM Business Automation Workflow on Cloud is software that combines business process management and case management capabilities in a single integrated workflow solution.


IBM Business Automation Workflow helps organizations...

Design a business friendly environment


          Easily implement changes for business agility

           Achieve visibility across end-to-end workflows


                                          Incorporate efficiency and Consistency by reusing process            components across multiple workflows

                                          Gather the right content , apply analytics for more accurate                                                   decisions, and take necessary action to assure better outcomes

                                           Identify and incorporate structured as well as unstructured                                                       content into workflow

Cloud Express


Low-cost entry point to get started in the cloud

Ideal for as few as 10 users per month

Cloud Enterprise Edition

Scalable experience to start or expand workflow capabilities into the cloud

Ideal for as few as 25 users per month

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