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Softech is an IBM Gold Business Partner and has been deploying IBM software for more than 20 years. We are an authorized reseller of the entire IBM ECM software portfolio and can develop custom applications and tools to fit your specific ECM needs. 


Softech offers Scalable ECM solutions to meet the need of a number of industries.  Our solutions are user-friendly with a configurable interface that permits rapid modification as business requirements change.   We focus on providing solutions that represent real-world usage of content management and workflow systems..


Some of our tools and solutions are:

Data Tran - Export

Softech’s DataTran Export tool provides fast, high-volume export of documents from your Filenet system. You configure the initial export parameters, and DataTran Export pulls content and data from your system, unattended. Exporting up to 100,000 images per hour for Image Services; 25,000 documents per hour with Content Manager, DataTran completes your jobs quickly and easily.

Data Tran - Import

Softech’s DataTran Import tool imports high-volume content into Filenet IS and P8 systems quickly and easily. It’s easily configurable to manage your specific import requirements. If you need to import large amounts of data – on either a one-time or regular basis – DataTran is the solution. It is ideal for service bureaus, companies with non-Filenet-connected scanners, high scanning volumes and those wishing to merge data from various imaging systems into Filenet.

Contract Engage

Softech’s Contract Manager running on IBM Filenet P8 Content Manager and BPM (Business Process Manager) gives you the tools you need for efficient, flexible handling of your contracts. Pre-configured workflows manage the entire contract lifecycle, from creation and negotiation through to approval and then payment settlement and claims.

Doc Reorganizer - Export

Softech’s DocReorganizer integrates with IBM Filenet Workplace to allow committed documents within Filenet to be reorganized, reassembled, recategorized, re-indexed, and recommitted. This provides for easy correction of documents that may have been saved incorrectly or had incomplete metadata. This is an ideal tool for organizations whose content must be reviewed and organized by knowledge workers such as lawyers during legal discovery.

Off-Line Content Access

Offline Content Access (OCA) is the ideal solution for any organization with internal or external stakeholders who need content access without being connected to an ECM system. OCA retrieves the documents—either selected manually or using a configurable rules table — from IBM Filenet or other ECM systems, then writes to CD or DVD, either for storage, backup, or transfer to another recipient. In addition to the actual content, document properties are stored in a portable on-disk database, along with a search tool and generic content viewer. This allows recipients to search and view documents and data without being connected to an ECM system.

Retirement Systems

Softech’s Products and Solutions allow you to effectively focus and deliver on areas including:

Pension Processing           Benefit Calculations

Disbursements                   High-Volume Self Service

Integration                          Account Auditing        

Records Review                 Process Refunds

Process Refunds                Reporting

Application & Closeouts     Survivor & Disability Benefits

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